YearTitlePublisherThomas's placeNotes
1946The Stones of the FieldDruid Press, CarmarthenManafonThe cover was designed by his wife.
1952An Acre of LandMontgomeryshire Printing Company, NewrtownManafonPublished locally, this book went through the 2nd impression.
1953The MinisterMontgomeryshire Printing Company, NewtownManafonRadio drama for Radio Poems broadcasted on 18 September 1952 in BBC Wales.
1955Song at the Year's TurningHart-Davis, LondonManafonThis book contains new poems, The Minister and selections from his first 2 books with an introduction by John Betjeman.
1958Poetry for SupperHart-Davis, LondonEglwys-fachAlthough R.S.Thomas was in Eglwys-fach, his subject of poetry was still in Manafon. Since this volume, he began to refer to bread and wine.
1960Judgment DayPoetry Book SocietyEglwys-fachLimited 1000 facsimile holograph copies with drawings by Ceri Richard. The poetry itself is included in Tares.
1961TaresHart-Davis, LondonEglwys-fachThe title is taken from St. Matthew xiii, 27. Prytherch, the hill farmer on Manafon hill, is now a historical hero and becoming a legendary one.
1963The Bread of TruthHart-Davis, LondonEglwys-fachMost of the poetry are addressed to Wales and some of them are harsh because of their few foot notes. The mood gets husher yet more poignant.
1966PietaHart-Davis, LondonEglwys-fachThis book includes two famous poetry, "Pieta" and "In a Church."
1968Not That He Brought FlowersHat-Davis, LondonAberdaronThe poems were written in Eglwys-fach. Iago Prytherch, a familiar character to his readers, dissapeares since this volume.
1968The MountainsChilmark PressAberdaronWith wood-engravings by Reynolds Stone after drawings by John Piper.
1972H'mMacmillan, LondonAberdaronThe theme for his poetry changes from the bleak Welsh landscape into "absent" or "dark" God.
1972Young and OldChatto and Windus, LondonAberdaronPublished in the series of Chatto Poets for the Young
1973Selected PoemsHart-Davis, MacGibbon, LondonAberdaron-
1974What is a Welshman?Christopher Davies, SwanseaAberdaronThis contains 12 new poems.
1975Laboratories of the SpiritMacmillan, LondonAberdaron-
1977The Way of ItCeolfrith Press, SunderlandAberdaronThis book include new 18 Poems with drawings by Barry Hirst.
1978FrequenciesMacmillan, LondonAberdaronOne of his finest works. Iago Prytherch, who had vanised since 1968, appeared in "Gone?" again.
1981Between Here and NowMacmillan, LondonSarn y PlasThis volume is divided into two sections. The first section entitled 'Impressions' contains poems inspired by the Impressionist paintings.
1983Later Poems 1972-83Macmillan, LondonSarn y PlasThis book also includes new poems.
1985Ingrowing ThoughtsPoetry Wales Press, BridgendSarn y Plas-
1986Experimenting with an AmenMacmillan, LondonSarn y Plas-
1987Welsh AirsSeren BooksSarn y PlasThis book includes collected Poems about Wales from his earlier books.
1988The Echoes Return SlowMacmillan, LondonSarn y PlasCollection of poems with his autobiographical essays.
1990CounterpointBloodaxe Books, Newcastle upon TyneSarn y PlasThis contains 4 sections--B.C., Incarnation, Crucifixion and A.D.-- but each poem has no title.
1992Mass for Hard TimesBloodaxe Books, Newcastle upon TyneLlanfairynghornwy This book includes "A Marriage," a sad poem devoted to his first wife who died in 1991.
1993Collected Poems 1945-1990J.M.Dent, LondonLlanfairynghornwy Published to mark his 80th birthday, this book contains more than 500 poems selected from his first book to Mass for Hard Times.
1993FriezeBabel (Ammerse, Germany)Llanfairynghornwy-
1995No Truce with FuriesBloodaxe Books, Newcastle upon TyneLlanfairynghornwy -
1996Love PoemsPhoenix Paperback, LondonLlanfairynghornwy This book is a collection of love poems written by R.S.Thomas.
1996Everyman's Poetry: R.S.ThomasJ.M.Dent, LondonLlanfairynghornwySelected and Edited by Anthony Thwaite with introduction.
1998Betwenn Sea & Sky --Images of BardseyGomer Press, CeredigionLlanfairynghornwyThis book contains Peter Hope Jones's photography of Bardsey and quatations from R.S.Thomas's poetry.
2002ResiduesBloodaxe Book, Newcastle upon Tyne-Published posthumously and edited by M. Wynn Thomas of CREW.
2013R.S. Thomas Uncollected PoemsBloodaxe Book, Newcastle upon Tyne-Published to celebrate the centenary of the birth of R.S.Thomas. Edited by Tony Brown & Jason Walford Davies. This long-waited, extraordinary collection covers poetry from 1939 to 2000 and is a MUST-HAVE.
2013R.S.THOMAS - Poems to ElsiSeren-Published to mark the centenary of R.S.Thomas's birth. This collection is consist of RST's poems dedicated to his first wife, Mildred E. Eldridge. Edited by Damian Walford Davies. Foreword by Rowan Williams.

R.S.Thomas, priest and poet
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